John Stewart Moore lived from 1948-2019. He is survived by his wife Gerda and his two sons, Simon, born 1969, and Alistair, born 1978. He graduated with a BA hons in Philosophy from King’s College London in 1969.

John wrote five books, two of them about Aleister Crowley, both published by Mandrake of Oxford. He also published an illustrated book about the life and ideas of Edward Bulwer-Lytton (Mandrake 2018) and several times was a guest of Bulwer Lytton’s great great great grandson Henry Cobbold at Knebworth House.

For many years he ran a popular online Nietszche discussion forum. He read several papers at Nietszche conferences.

He wrote poetry, some of which is in his anthology 100 poems (2019). He also wrote a number of short stories and several plays, much of which can be seen via this website.

John’s writing has also been published in the Watkins journal Mind, Body and Spirit and the anthology collection The Book of Lies.

John was an early adopter of the Internet and ran a website since the late 90s, mith.demon.co.uk which is no longer up, but his wikidot site, http://john-jsm.wikidot.com, remains online.

This website is maintained by John’s son Alistair. An interview by Mandrake’s founder Mogg Morgan of Alistair talking about his father and his work can be found here.